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Box lunch
Edición:eBook (English)
ISBN: 1555838499
Páginas: 144

Diana Cage is the executive editor of On Our Backs magazine and the editor of On Backs Backs Lesbian Sex and Bottom-up: Punk Ass Porn. She lives in San Francisco.

Publicado en:
Autor: Diana Cage
Géneros: Romance y erótica, Romántica
Etiquetas: Inglés, Público adulto
Extracto del libro:

Written by a woman experienced on both ends of the oral sex equation, this nuts-and-bolts exploration of cunnilingus is unlike anything ever written before. Explicit, detailed, enormously entertaining and written for both novices and pros, Box Lunch demystifies the female anatomy with an eye toward making oral sex as satisfying for the giver as it is for the receiver. Make no mistake, this is the most direct route to orgasm for many women, and Diana Cage shows you how to not only excel at it but revel in it!

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